SupFire Flashlight L6-R5

L6-R5 flashlight, uses Cree LED, high permeable optical glass, aluminum body, N layers heat dissipation design, USB port direct charge, diamond anti-skid lines, U type tail switch and tail rope hole,powered by high capacity 18650 battery,it has five modes you can control. Adopts high quality material,Intimate design, meticulous workmanship and rigorous acceptance provide you with an exquisite flashlight which can be used for camping, hiking,running and hunting.

1.Strong light and super bright.(Please do not direct the eyes)

2.Long time to run.

3.Five Mode(High-Middle-Low-Strobe-SOS)

4.Waterproof in daily life.

5.Fall prevention.

6.The central button,its can adjust modes.

7.The tail can be lanyard for hanging.

8.Small and lightweight,easy to carry.

9.Gift battery: 18650 battery.

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Full Set :Flashlight +1*18650 battery+AC16  charger+gift box

Carton Size:64cm*38cm*28cm

Gift Box Size:16.5cm*12cm*4.5cm


G .W:19.8KG


Lable:  power flashlight




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