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In Shenzhen, the capital of innovation, there are a group of people from different industries, different backgrounds and different experiences, but they are gathered because they like outdoor activities. This common hobby makes them all have a passion for life, not afraid of hardship, and a positive attitude towards life. They call this positive attitude of life an outdoor spirit. During an outdoor camping, everyone talks about life and thinks about how to pass the outdoor spirit to more people and create more value for the world. The bonfire is burning, everyone is carrying all kinds of outdoor products, the tent is lit, and Supfire is born in such a scene.

Supfire is determined to provide consumers with safe and convenient outdoor products, so that more people can enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities and the outdoor spirit can be transmitted to every corner of the world.

During more than ten years hard work, Supfire has continued to grow and develop. At present, Shenhuo products have covered three categories of outdoor lighting, outdoor apparel and equipment. In the future, it will continue to innovate and further expand the product line so that consumers can buy more and more professional outdoor products. At the same time, Supfire also hopes to bring more positive energy to the world by giving back to the society. The company sponsors various outdoor activities every year, actively participates in public welfare undertakings, and allows more people to understand the outdoors and love the outdoors.

When you face the darkness, Supfire hopes to bring you a light!


        Company vision: Let the products of Supfire touch every corner of the world.

        Company mission: Everyone can easily enjoy the outdoor fun.



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Main products are led flashlights,headlamps,camping lights,bicycle lights and work lights.