SupFire Flashlight UV04

SupFire UV04 uses EPILEDS LED,high permeable optical glass,aluminum body, U-shape tail switch, 395NM purple light, telescopic focusing. Powered by AA battery. Adopts high quality material, Intimate design, meticulous workmanship and rigorous acceptance provides you with an exquisite flashlight which can be used for fluorescent agent detection, anti-counterfeit identification and jade identification.

Wave: 395NM

Runtime: 45min

Waterproof: Waterproof in daily life

Fall prevention: 1 m

Size: 90.5mm*22mm*22mm

Weight: 50g

Power: 3W

Battery Capacity: AA battery

Oxide Degree: Ordinary oxidation

Heat Index: ≤47°C

Switch: Rotary switch

Lable:   uv flashlight

1. Fluorescent agent detection.

2. Banknotes, anti-counterfeit product identification.

3.Waterproof in daily life.

4.Fall prevention.

5.Small and lightweight,easy to carry.

Lable:   uv flashlight

full set: UV flashlight + 1*AAA battery + color blister card

Lable:   uv flashlight




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