SupFire Flashlight UV01

UV01 flashlight uses EPILEDS light source, highly transparent optical glass, aluminum alloy body, and AAA battery, the design uses a rotary switch, chocolate block anti-slip, 365NM warm white, and a tail portable ring. Adopts high quality material,Intimate design, meticulous workmanship, and rigorous acceptance provides you with an exquisite which can be used for fluorescent agent detection, anti-counterfeit identification, jade identification in daily life.

Wave : 365NM

Runtime : 45min

Waterproof : Waterproof in daily life

Fall prevention : 1 m

Size : 74*15*15mm

Weight : 18g

Power : 3W

Battery Capacity : AAA battery

Oxide Degree : Ordinary oxidation

Heat Index : ≤47°C

Switch : Rotary switch

Lable:  Fluorescent light

1. Fluorescent agent detection.

2. Banknotes, anti-counterfeit product identification.

3.Waterproof in daily life.

4.Fall prevention.

5.Small and lightweight,easy to carry.

Lable:  Fluorescent light




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